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27th November 2018

Royal Welsh Winter Fair, saw this lovely photo of yearling colt, SUNWILLOW YARRAGON, Heniarth Question x Sunwillow Imogen, with his owner Jamie Nottingham.

Sunwillow Yarragon
Photo by 1st Class Images

25th August 2018

SUNWILLOW PARIS, Dukeshill Magnum x Sunwillow Dido, shown by Peter de Rade, winning his class at Talybont Medal show.

Sunwillow Paris

Sunwillow Walter

15th June 2018

ROYAL THREE COUNTIES SHOW, SUNWILLOW WALTER,owned by the Delami Stud, went Section A Champion and Silver Medal winner. Then went Overal Reserve Supreme Cuddy Qualifyer. Many congratulations.

24th May 2018
All foals have arrived and very happy with this bunch. Top left FILLY Sunwillow Paris x Flydon Pelydryn, Top right FILLY Heniarth Question x Sunwillow Dido, Bottom left COLT Heniarth Question x Sunwillow Imogen, Bottom right FILLY Heniarth Question x Sunwillow Venus.

Sunwillow Sunwillow
Sunwillow Sunwillow

Sunwillow Walter

22nd April 2018

SUNWILLOW WALTER, owned by the Delami Stud, winning 2&3 year old colt Class and going onto be Champion and Bronze winner at East Midlands WPCS, well done team Waller!

28th February 2018

Snow at Sunwillow with the mares in their winter field.

Sunwillow Mares


Happy Christmas

20th November 2017

The last 2 foals to be weaned. Sunwillow Yarraman and seen here Sunwillow Yesteryear with her dam Sunwillow Dido, back when we had some grass! Many thanks to Lynda Calcutt for helping this time of year, such a help.

Sunwillow Yesteryear

Sunwillow wALTER

27th August 2017

NORTH WESTERN WPCA, SUNWILLOW WALTER, owned by the Delami Stud, (Sunwillow Dido x Delami Darth Vader), 1st 2&3 year old colt class, congratulations.

17th August 2017

SUNWILLOW XSPO, Flydon Pelydryn x Sunwillow Paris, last show of the season, ANGLESEY COUNTY SHOW, 1st yearling colt class. Many thanks to Colin Tibbey and the team for producing him so well.

Sunwillow Xspo

Sunwillow Mimosa

12th August 2017

19th INTERNATIONAL WELSH SHOW, held in Holland, SUNWILLOW MIMOSA, owned by Maarten Koele, SUNWILLOW DIDO X SUNWILLOW GALONG, 3rd in the mare class, congratulations.

26th July 2017

I was unable to go this year, but Sunwillow ponies kept the side up! SUNWILLOW TROY, 5th in young Stallion class. SUNWILLOW WILLIAM, 9th in 2year old colt class and seen here SUNWILLOW VENUS, 13th in a very strong 3 year old filly class. Many thanks to Lauren Wren for showing her.

Sunwillow VerityPhoto 1st Class Images

8th July 2017

SUNWILLOW XSPO,at GWYNYNEDD BREED MEDAL SHOW, where he came 1st in the Yearling Colt class, He also came 1st at the SCOTTISH HORSE SHOW, a few weeks later.

Sunwillow Xspo
Photo by Bluebells Photography

22nd June 2017

LINCOLN COUNTY SHOW, SUNWILLOW XSPO, by SUNWILLOW PARIS, 2nd in yearling colt/filly class. He was also 2nd at ROYAL CORNWALL SHOW.

18th June 2017

CWPCA Silver Medal Show, Rhosbrenin Siani, owned by Gerallt Hughes, by SUNWILLOW PARIS, 1st 3 year old filly class, congratulations to all.

Rhosbrenin Siani

Sunwillow VerityPhoto LRG-Photography

18th June 2017

SEWPCA Summer Show, with SUNWILLOW VERITY, Heniarth Question x Sunwillow Questa, 2nd 2 & 3 Year old Filly. Thanks to Lauren Wren for showing her.

30th May 2017

Finally our last foal is born, a very smart colt out of Heniarth Yabadabadoo by Heniarth Question, this is as close as I can get at the moment, very proud mum!

Sunwillow Y.....

15th May 2016

SUNWILLOW XSPO,(Sunwillow Paris x Flydon Pelydryn) Yearling Colt, NEWARK AND NOTTS COUNTY SHOW, where he came 1st in the yearling colt class and went on to be Youngstock Champion. Photo taken by 1st class images at Glanusk Show where he came 4th. Many thanks to Jess for showing him he looks like he was flying!

Sunwillow Xspo

30th April 2017
SEWPC SHOW where SUNWILLOW VERITY, came 2nd in the 3year old Filly class, her first ever show. Thank you to Lauren Wren for showing her.

Sunwillow Troy

23rd April 2017

LAMPETER STALLION SHOW, with SUNWILLOW TROY, Thistledown Olympic Boy x Sunwillow Imogen (Owned by Harold Zoet) having already been out and gained a first, seen here coming 4th in a strong stallion class. (photo by D.Waller)

15th April 2017
YNYS MON PONY SHOW, SUNWILLOW XSPO, out at his first show and went very well, he won the yearling colt class and went on to be Reserve Champion. Many thanks to Colin Tibbey for showing him.

29th March 2017

First foal, 10 days early, A COLT..... but very pleased with this chap, by Heniarth Question out of Sunwillow Imogen.They are in the orchard at the moment as only place with grass, so learning to gallop around the trees!

Sunwillow Y.....


Happy Christmas

23rd October 2016
Weaned foals being very interested in Tigs! Nearest is colt SUNWILLOW XCALIBAR (Rowfantina Ottoman x Sunwillow Imogen) on the right is SUNWILLOW XSPO(Sunwillow Paris x Flydon Pelydryn)

Sunwillow Xcalibar Sunwillow xspo

27th August 2016

SUNWILLOW TROY, (Thistledown Olympic Boy x Sunwillow Imogen) winning a strong Stallion class in Holland, owned and shown by Yvette and Harold Zoet. Considering he is still only a 4 year old, he is doing very well in open stallion classes.

Sunwillow Troy

Sunwillow William

7th August 2016

SUNWILLOW WILLIAM, (Delami Darth Vader x Heniarth Yabadabadoo) yearling colt, owned and produced by Abbie Devenney winning at EQUI-STARS SHOW.

5th June 2016
RUTLAND COUNTY, this time it was the Stallion, SUNWILLOW KINGLAKES' turn! (Pendock Legend x Sunwillow Dido) He won the Royal International Open A & B, beautifully produced and ridden by Megan Hewitt, well done to all.

Sunwillow Kinglake

29th May 2016

HAMBLETON SHOW, where Brian Tompson who owns SUNWILLOW MIMOSA, (Sunwillow Galong x Sunwillow Dido), showed her today where she won her class and was Reserve Champion, winning her first Bronze Medal, congratulations to all.

Sunwillow Mimosa

1st May 2016

SUNWILLOW WALTER, yearling colt, Delami Darth Vader x Sunwillow Dido, seen here winning the Championship at Midlands WPCA Show, winning his first Bronze Medal and he went on to be Reserve Overall Champion of the Show. Many congratulations to the Waller family who own and show him.

Sunwillow Walter

6th March 2016
First outing for SUNWILLOW PARIS as a mature stallion, (Dukeshill Magnum x Sunwillow Dido) he enjoyed himself and came 1st in a mixed MandM class. Many thanks to Abbie Devenney for producing him.

Sunwillow Paris

Sunwillow Paris

6th February 2016
Two photos of Sunwillow Dido boys, 4 year old, stallion, Sunwillow Tiberius, in Holland and Yearling colt Sunwillow Walter, sold to the Delami Stud. Both in their winter woolies but looking forwards to how these two progress!

Sunwillow Tiberius

Sunwillow Walter


Sunwillow Venus

26th September 2015

FAYRE OAKS SALE, The weather was beautiful and I had a great time with good friends, totally exhausting to say the least! We took 3 ponies, mixed feelings with the prices, but all sold to great homes. Sunwillow Questa, to the Pinewell Stud, Sunwillow Trinity to a lovely family in Wales and Sunwillow Washington to Holland, we wish them all the best with their new owners.

Sunwillow Questa

Sunwillow Trinity

Sunwillow Washington

21-22nd July 2015

THE ROYAL WELSH, with SUNWILLOW JUBILEE, coming 1st in the Senior Stallion class and going on to be Reserve Male. While SUNWILLOW VALENTINO was pulled in 7th and went up to 4th, very pleased with that. Our fillies were not the judges cup of tea, but I love this photo of SUNWILLOW VENUS, thanks Abbie for showing her so well.

Sunwillow Venus

4th July 2015
This time in France with the mare, SUNWILLOW MUDGEE, owned by Aurelie Tuduri, Sunwillow Galong x Sunwillow Valbella, coming 1st Section A Champion and Reserve Overall Supreme Champion. A big well done to all!

Sunwillow Jubilee

2nd July 2015
THE ROYAL NORFOLK, with SUNWILLOW JUBILEE, coming 1st Section A Stallions, Section A Champion. Supreme Welsh Champion, Supreme Mountain and Morland Champion and Reserve Cuddy.A big well done to all!

Sunwillow Jubilee

24th June 2015

CHESHIRE COUNTY SHOW, with SUNWILLOW VENUS, who did us proud and came 4th in a very strong yearling filly class. While SUNWILLOW KINGSLAKE, won a huge Section A ridden HOY Qualifier class. Congratulations to Megan Hewitt and owner Clive Johnston.

Sunwillow Venus

Sunwillow Kinglake

19th June 2015
SOUTH OF ENGLAND SHOW, with the 2 half brothers out of SUNWILLOW DIDO, the man himself, SUNWILLOW JUBILEE, 1st and Champion, with SUNWILLOW VALENTINO, 3rd in the Yearling filly/colt class.

Photo by Anne FisherSunwillow Jubilee

Photo by Spidge Event PhotographySunwillow Valentino

31st May 2015

BEST OF BRITISH SHOW, Abbie showed SUNWILLOW VENUS, she came 1st in the Yearling filly class and went on to be Reserve Section A Champion.

Sunwillow Venus

16th May 2015

North Eastern WPCA, SUNWILLOW VENUS, 1st in the Yearling Filly class, many thanks to Abbie for showing her.

Sunwillow Venus

26th April 2015

SUNWILLOW VENUS on the left, shown at NPS Area 4 coming 1st Yearling A/B and Overall Reserve Supreme Welsh Champion. Many thanks to Abbie Devenney for producing her.

20th April 2015

Our 2nd foal born, Sunwillow Valentino has a half brother, Delami Darth Vader x Sunwillow Dido, smart colt with great markings.
Photo taken a few hours old

Sunwillow colt

Photo by Chameleon Photography

Sunwillow Valentino

12th April 2015

Northern All Welsh Show, SUNWILLOW VALENTINO, 1st in the Yearling Colt class, many thanks to team Tibbey, for showing him.

Sunwillow Colt

25th March 2015

SUNWILLOW W....., first foal born 2015. He is by Rowfantina Ottoman x Sunwillow Imogen. We like him so much we have sent the mare back to Ottoman.
Photo taken 7 days old.


13th December 2014

Heinkenszand Foal Show,Holland. RHOSBRENIN HEDYDD, a colt foal by SUNWILLOW PARIS, won his class and went on to be Reserve Section A Champion. Bred by Gerallt Hughes and sold to Holland.

Photo by

Rhosbrenin Hedydd

22nd October 2014
SUNWILLOW VALBELLA, born in April 1988, by Ryall Seneddwr (a son of Clan Pip) out of Sunwillow Quest (a daughter of Coed Coch Salsbri). Sold as a foal and bought back in 2002, dam of Silver and Bronze Medal winners. Her legacy remains in the stud, via S. Karara, Tulloona and Venus. She did us proud RIP Valbella.

Sunwillow Valbella

Coed Coch Salsbri x Sunwillow Bernina line

19th September 2014
We had a very enjoyable stud visit from the South Western Association. It gave me a chance to seperate the two lines of ponies I have, the Coed Coch Salsbri x Sunwillow Bernina and the Coed Coch Norman x Sunwillow Bernina, which I found interesting! We had some lovely comments about the ponies and our new Jack Russel puppy was much admired!

colt foal

colt foal

4th July 2014
First foal from Sunwillow Questa, who is by Idyllic Entrepreneur. A filly foal by Heniarth Question, she took her time coming but I believe worth the wait!

Questa with foal

Filly foal

Photo by Peter Fielding

Sunwillow Titania

8th June 2014

Cheshire County Show, very pleased that SUNWILLOW TITANIA, came 2nd in the 2 year old filly class. Many thanks for Liesl Burt for showing her so well.

Sunwillow Filly

10th May 2014

A filly foal born, by Thistledown Blue Moon X Sunwillow Karara, I believe she will stay cream/palamino. I went away for a weekend, first in ages and the mare decided to foal as soon as I left, showing no signs etc., but my brother was a star and helped get her and foal in.

23rd April 2014

This seasons stud stallion arrives, DELAMI DARTH VADER, Pendock Legend x Idyllic Pebbles. Many thanks to Mark and Liz Killbey for loaning me this stallion. I have admired his stock and look forwards to see what this cross produces.

Delami Darth Vader

15th April 2014
New kid on the block! Another boy but so happy with him, Heniarth Yarra Glen x Sunwillow Dido, we are on V....'s this year.

colt foal

colt foal

Flydon Pelydryn

8th April 2014

New arrival to Sunwillow Stud. FLYDON PELYDRYN, this photo was taken when she was a yearling, she is now 14 and she and Dido have become the best of mates!

16th March 2014
At last some signs of spring, with a new foal by SUNWILLOW PARIS, many thanks to the Rhosbrenin Stud for sending us this photo.

colt foal

colt foal

Sunwillow Roscoe

6th February 2014

Margaret Lucus sent me this lovely photo of SUNWILLOW ROSCOE (Sunwillow Galong x Heniarth Yabadabadoo), who looks like he is doing well having just been out covering mares at his home in Australia at the Dalgangle Stud.


Sunwillow Supernova

28th September 2013

FAYRE OAKS HIGH FLYER, a photo of Simon (Supernova) in the ring, he has gone to a lovely home, we wish his new owners all the best.

25th August 2013
EDENBRIDGE AND OXTED SHOW, great news while I was away on holiday. SUNWILLOW TULLOONA, shown by Liesl Burt, came 1st and went Champion A, winning a bronze medal, then went on to be Reserve Supreme Champion. A great day many thanks to all.

Sunwillow Rochester

11th August 2013
NATIONAL WELSH CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW, I really enjoyed this show, met up with friends, this was also SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER'S last show I had entered him for and he did me proud. In a huge Gelding Championship Class, he came 3rd and was the only Section A to be pulled forward in the last 5.

Sunwillow Quince

13th July 2013
TENDRING AGRICULTURAL SHOW, our local show and a lovely sunny day. SUNWILLOW QUINCE, won her class in the Open Small Mountain & Morland, and went on to be Reserve Champion Mountain & Morland.

Photo by Peter French

Sunwillow Rochester

9th June 2013
EWPCS MEDAL SHOW. I took to the ring with SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER came 1st in the 2&3 Year Old Filly and Gelding Class, winning highest placed gelding. Then went on to win the Millcroft Overall Gelding Championship.

Photo taken just before the bad weather set in!

Sunwillow Tuloona

7th June 2013
SOUTH OF ENGLAND, terrible weather but very pleased with the result! SUNWILLOW TULLONA, 1st Yearling Filly and Reserve Champion, shown by Liesl Burt.

Sunwillow Ulysees

1st June 2013

The stud feels very empty with mares away at stud, but here is Heniarth Yabadabadoo with her son, Sunwillow Ulysses, by Sunwillow Paris, enjoying the sun, but missing his playmate!

29th May 2013

SUFFOLK COUNTY SHOW, showing season in full swing, SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER was 2nd in the 2&3 year old colt, filly and gelding class. He went on to be Reserve Overall Millcroft Gelding Champion. SUNWILLOW TULLONA was 2nd in the Yearling colt, filly and gelding class.

Sunwillow Tullona

6th May 2013
HOME COUNTIES SPRING SHOW. Very pleased with the first outing of SUNWILLOW TULLONA, our yearling filly winning her class. SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER won the gelding class. Also, SUNWILLOW JUBILEE, won the stallion class and went on to be Section A Champion, so good day all round.

Both photos taken by iVisualise PhotographySunwillow Tullona

Sunwillow Rochester

1st May 2013
First 2 foals have arrived by SUNWILLOW PARIS, both colts but very pleased with them. I have to find some good names starting with U....!

Sunwillow U...
Out of Heniarth Yabadabadoo

Sunwillow U...
Out of Sunwillow Karara

14th April 2013

NORSE SPRING SHOW, I have finally taken to the ring with my 3 year old gelding SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER! He was 2nd here and also 2nd at the EWPCS Spring show. He is still very hairy and not in total showing condition, so I am very pleased with him. We are still under water and it is quite a mission to clean all the mud stains!

Sunwillow Rochester



1st March 2013
Our New Addition, so excited.....Well worth the wait, I now have my own horsebox, many thanks to Lynda Calcutt for lending me her box over the years!!! Already been out to collect hay.

Sunwillow Paris
20th February 2013

SUNWILLOW PARIS, at 6.30 in the morning about to start his long journey to Anglesey, Wales. He has been leased by the Rhosbrenin Stud, to cover their mares for this season. We wish them every success.


11th November 2012

SUNWILLOW PARIS, Dukeshill Magnum x Sunwillow Dido, seen here at the SEWPCA Show, only on his second outing under saddle. He has already had one 1st and two 3rds, many thanks to Debbie and Alice Barr.

Photo by equipix

Sunwillow Paris

Sunwillow Titania

Sunwillow Titania

9th October2012

SUNWILLOW TITANIA, Langevoren Reuben x Sunwillow Mimosa, back at Sunwillow enjoying the Autumn sunshine!

29th September 2012

FAYRE OAKS SALE, all three ponies taken to the sale at Fayre Oaks Sale were sold and to great homes. The 2 boys going to Holland and the mare going 10 miles from Builth Wells. We wish their new owners all the best with these ponies.

Sunwillow Orphir

Sunwillow Sirius

Sunwillow Troy

8th September 2012

The last outing for SUNWILLOW SIRIUS, he came 1st at NortonHeath Show. This adds to his other win at Equefest, very pleased with this colt, seeing as he started so late with his showing. Thanks to Liesl Burt for producing him.

1st September 2012

ORSETT AGRICULTURAL SHOW, the yearling colt, SUNWILLOW SUPERNOVA, Langevoren Reuben x Sunwillow Dido, was 1st in his class and went on to be Youngstock Champion and Overall Section A Champion. A great way to end his showing season for 2012. Many thanks to Jan, Tara and Jason for producing him.

Photo by Equipic

Sunwillow SuperNova

Photo by Lesley Jeffs

Sunwillow Sirius

5th August 2012

THREE SHIRES SHOW, the first show for this yearling colt SUNWILLOW SIRIUS (Langevoren Reuben x Sunwillow Mimosa) he came 2nd but has got a bit of learning to do, thanks Liesl Burt for showing him.


Sunwillow kinglake
We had a fantastic Royal Welsh Show with Sunwillow Ponies. Clive Johnstons' pony Sunwillow Kinglake, (Pendock Legend x Sunwillow Dido) put a hell of a show on and won the senior stallion class and went on to be Male Champion and Reserve Section A Champion. The Heniarth Stud with their lovely mare, Heniarth Yum-Yum, was Champion Mare and Section A Champion, who is out of a Sunwillow mare, Sunwillow Yasmin. Also Sunwillow Mimosa (Sunwillow Galong x Sunwillow Dido) was 3rd in the 4-7 year old Mare class and Sunwillow Rostov was 4th in the Gelding Class. Well done to all and smiles all round, oh and the great weather was a bonus!

Sunwillow Mimosa

Sunwillow Rostov

14th July 2012

NEWPORT SHOW, the yearling colt, SUNWILLOW SUPERNOVA, Langevoren Reuben x Sunwillow Dido, was 1st in his class and went on to be Res Champion Section A. Many thanks to Jason for showing him.

Photo by Mandy Waddington.

Sunwillow SuperNova

20th June 2012

SUNWILLOW JUBILEE, Heniarth Quip x Sunwillow Dido, owned by Salima Keswani and shown by Liesl Burt, strutting his stuff at Cheshire County Show.

Photo by John Britter

Sunwillow Jubilee

Sunwillow filly

1st June 2012

During May we had most of our foals born, all early. Here is the last one born on the 1st June, 9 days early, out of the old mare SUNWILLOW VALBELLA by LANGEVORN REUBEN, and a filly, so very happy. Visit the foal page for photos of 2012 crop!

9th May 2012

DELAMI DESTINY, Taliaris Granite x Idyllic Fonteyn, arrives at Sunwillow for Stud duties. Many thanks to the Waller family for letting me use this multi prize winning Champion (in hand and ridden), he is a true gentleman.

Delami Destiny

Delami Destiny

3rd May, 2012

2 foals born to-day, a colt out of SUNWILLOW IMOGEN (I know I wanted a filly but he is very smart) and a filly out of SUNWILLOW KARARA, both doing very well. (photos to follow)

Sunwillow Colt

17th April 2012

SUNWILLOW T....?, seen here only a few hours old. Our first foal of the season, a very healthy colt out of Sunwillow Dido by Langevoren Reuben. He would be born now, 10 days early, just when the weather has turned nasty again!

9th April 2012

EWP&CA SPRING SHOW, our first show of the season. SUNWILLOW ROSTOV, 2 year old gelding by Heniarth Quip out of Sunwillow Karara, came 1st in the 2 and 3 year old Filly and Gelding class. Jason Akenbrook very kindly showed him for me and they went on to win the Supreme Gelding Championship. So a great way to start the season!

Photo taken by ivisulise.com

Sunwillow Rostov

19th January 2012

SUNWILLOW IMOGEN arrives back home, I am very happy to be able to buy her back, many thanks to the Waddington family. She is infoal to Thisteldown Olympic Boy, which is very apt for this years London Olympics, cross fingers for a filly though!!!

Sunwillow Imogen

Sunwillow Imogen


21st November 2011

SUNWILLOW ROSCOE starts his long journey to Australia, being led off to quarantine in Newmarket, the smallest pony there but I know he will make up for it in personality! Many thanks to Liesl for taking such good care of him and we wish Margaret Lucas,of the Dalgangle Stud, Victoria, Australia, all the best and hope Roscoe produces for her some lovely foals in the future.

Sunwillow Roscoe

Sunwillow Roscoe

15th November 2011

SUNWILLOW PARIS (I know I have a long way to go but I am trying to behave, like my half brother Sunwillow Jubilee!) With the help of my next door neighbour Sharon, we have started to break in Paris and this photo was taken after only 3 weeks of Sharon just lying over his back. He is being such a good boy, trotting over poles, cantering, he seems to love all this attention.

Sunwillow Paris

7th October 2011

LANGEVOREN REUBEN goes home to Mr.S de Kanter, Holland. Reuben has been an absolute pleasure to have on the stud and I am very gratefull to Mr. de Kanter for letting me lease him. I have been delighted with his foals this year and am very excited about next years crop of foals, fingers crossed for some fillies.

2nd October2011

SUNWILLOW JUBILEE went to the Sports Pony Studbook Stallion Grading, as you can see Salima spent hours plating, but it was well worth the effort with Jubilee being graded the 3rd highest scoring stallion(less than 0.5% off being Reserve Champion). Well done to team Jubilee, is there nothing this pony can't do!

Photo taken by Julia Shearwood Photography

Sunwillow Jubilee

Sunwillow Paris

28th September 2011

SUNWILLOW PARIS, our three year old colt returns home. Many thanks to Tara, Jason and Jan for showing and looking after him so well. Its great to have him home!

24th September 2011

FARYE OAKS SALE, both SUNWILLOW SEREN WEN and SUNWILLOW SIROCCO were sold, with Seren Wen staying in this country and Sirocco sold to Holland. We wish their new owners all the best for the future.

Sunwillow Rochester

1st September 2011

SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER, our yearling colt returns home from Wales, many thanks to Colin and Sarah Tibbey for producing him, he was never out of the top 3 all season. Its great to have him home!

14th August 2011

WELSH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER, came 1st in the Yearling Colt class. On the 12th August he came 1st and Reserve Champion to his sire SUNWILLOW GALONG, at PONIES UK.

7th August 2011

INTERNATIONAL WELSH SHOW, SUNWILLOW ROSCOE, came 5TH in a very big Yearling Colt class, and SUNWILLOW ORPHIR was shown in the huge barren mare class and was 11th, with HENIARTH YUM YUM, out of SUNWILLOW YASMIN, coming 1st in the class and International Section A Reserve Champion, congratulations to the Heniarth Stud.

9th July 2011

SUNWILLOW MIMOSA came 2nd in an Open Mountain and Morland class at our local agricultural show, we are very pleased with her and got sent this cracking photo of her taken by Lennard, many thanks. We hope to show her next year as she should be coming up to her prime.

Photo taken by Lennard Zoet

Sunwillow Mimosa

2nd July 2011

NORTHLEACH SHOW, SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER, came 2nd in the Yearling Colt class, well done.

30th June 2011

ROYAL NORFOLK SHOW,the 3 year old gelding, SUNWILLOW PERSEUS, by Dukeshill Magnum out of Sunwillow Valbella, owned by Lynda Calcutt and shown by Lennard Zoet, was 1st and Reserve Champion. This is just one of his many victories this year, he was 1st at Suffolk County Show, 1st at Lincoln County Show and 2nd at South of England all in open classes. He was also reserve Millcroft Gelding champion at Derby and HCWPCA and reserve gelding champion at EWPCA.

Photo by Equipics

Sunwillow Orphir

Photo taken by Maud Farghen

Sunwillow Quince

18th June 2011

SUNWILLOW QUINCE, a 2 year old filly, by SUNWILLOW GALONG out of HENIARTH YABADABADOO, has been leased to Aiden O'Leary, Ireland. On the 18th June she went to CORK SHOW and was 2nd on her first outing, we wish them all the best in the future.

17th June 2011

THREE COUNTIES SHOW, SUNWILLOW ROSCOE, came 2nd in the Yearling Colt class, well done.

3rd June 2011

BATH & WEST SHOW, SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER came 3rd in the yearling colt class with SUNWILLOW ROSCOE 4th, so a touch of the nearly theres but hay ho!!!

29th May 2011

HERTS COUNTY SHOW, Liesl Burt showed our 4 year old SUNWILLOW ORPHIR. We were delighted when she came first in the adult class and then she went on to be OVERALL CHAMPION WELSH. She is a Sunwillow Jubilee daughter who's other daughter won the 3 year old and under class, owned by the Idyllic Stud and shown and bred by Liesl, well done to them.

Photo by Horsepower Photography

Sunwillow Orphir

15th May 2011

NEWARK AND NOTS COUNTY SHOW, I managed to persuade Mum to come and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. SUNWILLOW PARIS came 3rd but he went well and we were pleased with him, thanks to Jason. SUNWILLOW ROSCOE and SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER were in the same class and came 1st and 2nd with SUNWILLOW ROCHESTER shown by Colin Tibbey becoming Reserve Youngstock Champion, so good day. P.S. TAMEVALLEY POLKA, with PRIMADONNA at foot, went on to be Section A Champion, many congratulations (see 9th May).

Photo by Real Time Imaging

Sunwillow Rochester

14th May 2011

WP&CS SPRING SALE a day not to be repeated with some Criccieth owned ponies coming forward for sale in very very poor condition. We have since been rung by Mr. Court, of Brightwells, who has assured us that the pony Sunwillow Hernani has gone to a super home, which we are delighted about but sad that this ever happened. We hope the condition of ponies at these sales never look as bad again.
Sunwillow Paris filly

9th May 2011

This photo has just been sent to me of Sunwillow Paris's first filly foal, out of Tamevalley Polka, she is owned by Sharon Fisher, called Lingardswood Primadonna, we wish them all the best.

8th May 2011

2nd foal of the season, again born with no warning!!! A filly out of Sunwillow Karara by Langevoren Reuben, she is quite big and needs to uncurl a bit but very pleased.
Sunwillow Filly

25th April 2011

SUNWILLOW PARIS, 2nd in the 3 year old colt class, at North Western WP&CS Show, shown by Jason and the Drumaddie team.

2nd May 2011

Home Counties Show, SUNWILLOW ROSCOE was 2nd, SUNWILLOW PARIS was 3rd. SUNWILLOW PERSEUS was 1st in the gelding class and went on to be Reserve Gelding Champion of the Show, congratulations to Lynda Calcutt.
Sunwillow Colt

18th April 2011

The first foal for 2011 born about 2 weeks early while I was away, typical but both are fine and doing well, he is a smart colt out of Dido by Reuben, already got attitude.
Sunwillow Roscoe

photo taken by Mandy Waddington.

17th April 2011

NORTHERN ALL WELSH SHOW. Shown by Liesl Burt, SUNWILLOW ROSCOE, won the Yearling Colt Class.

10th April 2011

SUNWILLOW GUNDEGAI, (Ollie), out of Sunwillow Bellona, ridden by Livy Hoyland and owned by Caroline Bell, winning Championship at the NPS Dressage. Congratulations.
Sunwillow Gundegai

2nd April 2011

SUNWILLOW ROSCOE, yearling colt, out of Yabadabado by Galong, at his first show at Towerlands being shown by Liesl Burt. He has been sold to Margaret Lucas, Australia, who is having him shown for the season.
Sunwillow Roscoe

photo by Flash Harry Photography